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A Rede da DI2S é composta de 3 Nós (Nodes) distintos com equipamentos próprios hospedados em TierFour Data Centers em dois locais distintos: Bluffdale e Salt Lake City, ambos nas instalações da C7 Data Center nos Estados Unidos  e em São Paulo /Brasil na sede da DI2S. Com diversas camadas de Cloud Computing e redundância em todos os níveis oferecemos uma segurança de disponibilidade de 99.95% com operação 7 x 24 x 365 em todas as nossas soluções.

Mais de vinte anos de experiência Mais de vinte anos de experiência

Data Center

C7 Data Center

C7's four data centers total more than 40,000 square feet of space and the company is researching additional acquisition and expansion opportunities.


With a disaster safe location and the nation’s lowest power rates, C7 Data Centers offers a very popular disaster recovery solution. C7 also offers a robust colocation, data backup and virtual server cloud environment. Companies typically do business with C7 because of their low prices, geographic location, excellent customer service and selection of high quality service offerings.


C7 has been proactive in researching out new ways to provide the best experience for our customers and reduce costs. Our implementation of cold-aisle containment systems reduce the overall power consumption significantly, and make the data center a more comfortable working environment.


C7 is well-positioned for the future and the company will continue to attract customers who are seeking a progressive and proven data center partner.